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/hands you clace icon because our baes

✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

no but really though do you realise
how much you mean to me??  you
probably do because  parabatai lbr 
and  the  many  times  i’ve told you

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                 ❛  don’t hang up the phone !  ❜



                        if it’s ever possible for jace herondale to be caught off
                        guard, this is the closest he’s been to it.           staring
                        at a pool of  dark blood  as clary’s  words  are almost
                        inaudible to him. they need a plan, they need one fast.
                        the  INSTITUTE  is under  attack. as a ( nephilim, ) as
                        this is his home, he simply could not just up && leave.
                        he could not abandon  his family who are HIS HOME.
                        a blade clatters beneath his two feet,  leaning down to
                        retrieve it.  these bodies didn’t vanish into  thin air like
                        demons.  they remain    &    rot in their soulless  forms.

                                                ❛ i have to protect my home. 

                       ❛  i know.  

                    her small  nod is deffered, concentration  not all there. stuck
                    on the moans  that seem to  be  pounding  in  her ears.   find
                    simon,  from a portal.   get him safely to her. get back to jace.
                    with him. that’s her plan. after all, this is her home too. clary
                    mightn’t  have been here  for very long,   but she knows how
                    much jace needs to protect it. how they all do. and she won’t
                    go  anywhere  not  knowing   whether  or  not  simon’s   okay.

                    for a moment,   clary’s  hoping  that he’s  with isabelle.  for a
                    moment  she could believe it,   but as three lightwoods  come
                    into her view and  simon  is no where to  be  seen,   her heart
                    sinks.   please be okay, si. please.   there’s a crease  in her 
                    brows as she steps away from jace,  hand coming away from 
                    his arm. her thoughts suddenly on luke and her mother ——

                                                                     ❛  i won’t be long. stay safe.  ❜

                    she’s running up to the stairs leading to where she knows the
                    corpses hardly roam,
where she might be able to actually get
                    the portal up. most of the institute broken through now, these
                    things doing  what  demons never could. something that  she 
                    knows simon would be on the fence about. asking if zombies
                    were  real  before,  knowing  now  that  they  very  much  are. 

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send me a ➳ and i will generate a
number from 1-300  (yes, 300!) for
what  my  muse  will say to   yours.

read more;

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just a psa stating that i love ellie
more  than  anyone  else on the
entire   planet   don’t   mind  me.

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                     ❛     no, but that’s where most people
                   would put them if they were 
lying around.
                   just trying to be  helpful,  clary… ❜


             ❛  i don’t think —— okay, fine.  but
             i’m not checking the trash because,
              really,   only you would do that.  ❜

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          ❛                    try the trashcan. 


                   ❛  this  is  why  i should  never
                   leave things where  you could
                   get to them.  
jace —— did you
                   seriously throw them out ?  ❜

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